Thursday, October 7, 2010


Tuesday was a wonderful day to head to the zoo....with
our 3 best friends! So Jackson/Jessica, Morgan/Ashley,
Paige/Kelly, and Mac/I set off for a fun filled day together!
The kids had a blast walking around looking at all of
the animals. Mackenzie's favorites were monkeys,
sea lions, elephants, and goats! She actually got
to hang out with the goats and the whole time
called after them by yelling...woof woof! We are
so blessed to get to stay home with our babies and take
field trips like these :)
Shaking the gate to get the goats to "notice" her!

The gang!

loves to ride the carousel!

Monkey tree shot! monkeys were involved
except for one named Mac!

mom and me

Loved watching the sea lion show...jumping and splashing!

M & M singing....if you're happy and you know it
clap your hands!

now it's the itsy bitsy spider!

bye bye ZOO see you next time!!!!!