Monday, April 26, 2010

Just a swingin.....

mark and stacy gave Mackenzie a pink swing for Christmas....that's right....Christmas! well jp finally got around to hanging it after much nagging this weekend :) actually we went to the tarros for dinner on saturday night and he witnessed 1st hand how much she LOVES to swing! so we went to Lowes and got all of the essentials hooks, screws, chain links etc.....and now we have a SWING! Mackenzie loves her swing and so does MOMMA!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SpLiSh SpLaSh.....

Mackenzie had her first pool experience.....and
she LOVED it! she loves her big girl bathtime
but this took the cake! at night she swirls around
in our huge tub playing and chewing on all of
her toys but the pool was a big difference. she was
super happy and smiling the whole but was very
cautious. a couple of times her face hit the water
and you would have thought she was drowning :(
even then she wore a SMILE....I can't wait for
summer and enjoying our pool everyday!
smiley girl....

very happy.....

swirling around....

keep going MOM!