Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mac is 1/2 year old!!!!!

I feel so lucky to have people want to take Mackenzie's
pictures! She seems to LOVE being a model and
smiling for the camera:) My partner teacher, Betty's
nephew, Barrett is 14 years old and has found
a hobby with cameras! He came over just to shoot a
few pics of Mackenzie and here they are! I think
he has found his calling.....thanks Barrett!
This was my christening dress that Mac wore
for her special!

Love this one!

this was too cute b/c she started talking to us
while Barrett was trying to take her pic!

PERFECT favorite!!!

Posing on her crib pillow!

laughing at BB....

Peek a boo....


a beautiful BLOOM!!!

Mackenzie Ryan Chandler...we LOVE you!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

December----Our Month in Review!

December has come and gone in a flash!
What a month we have had: Mackenzie's baptism,
3 Christmas Celebrations,
a road trip (yes we drove) to Tennessee and back,
first New Year's with a 5 month old...but we survived,
and the beginning of a hard 2 months with a nanny
b/c of my back surgery (hard for me...not for her)
2009: Thanks for all of the memories, blessings, recoveries,
babies in the family, both sides of our families, and we look forward to 2010!
Well, I scheduled Mackenzie's baptism months before knowing
I was having back 12 days after back surgery
we had to be at the church at 11 which sounds EASY right!?!?
Well....let's not ask Jp about that!! He had to get himself, me,
and Mackenzie ready for her debut at church...not an easy task...
but SUCCESSFUL....and we were on time (which
doesn't happen often anymore!)
He is the best husband a girl could ask for :)
Enjoy our month in review!
They wouldn't let us take pics during the baptism
so this is after an hour and a half!
but I did sneak a few during the service
because I couldn't resist how focused
Mackenzie was on the lights!
She did GREAT during her debut, but
right after that she crashed in her
daddy's arms! Jp had a smile on
his face the whole time....she is
definitely a daddy's GIRL!

Dee-Dee and Pop's Christmas with Mackenzie!
she loved tearing the paper

look at her face! so happy about her 1st babydoll!

and her first puppy dog....she has 2 real ones
at home that she LoVeS!

Mommy and me!

Daddy and me!

Christmas morning at our house! Of course
Bella and Bailey couldn't resist a photo op!

TwO pEaS iN a PoD
Christmas Eve at Mimis! Ashley and I couldn't
resist matching shirts...I know! The funniest
part of this picture is not how sweet they are
sitting for the camera it's the bows!
Morgan LOVES Mackenzie and LOVES
touching her :)

and Morgan lost interest but Mackenzie didn't!

Then we decided it would be cute to let them take
a Christmas Eve bird bath together! It started like this....

and ended like this!

After their bath we all opened presents and look
what Santa Amy brought the babies....a rabbit hat!
They both were like what's on my head but it sure
does keep their ears warm...thanks AMY NICOLE!

Tennessee Shots
Cousin Sam and Mackenzie....before this
picture they were watching the train
go around the Christmas tree!
Big Jim, Sam and Mackenzie

hApPy NeW yEaR!!!!

couldn't be happier about 20-10!