Monday, August 24, 2009

Where has 1 month gone?!?!

We love our "baby doll"
I can't believe 4 weeks has come and gone....
i am like a small child going to throw a temper
tantrum.....i don't want her to grow up so fast!
We went to the doc on Friday and crossed our
fingers when they put her on the the
numbers flashed around it landed on 6lbs. 5 oz.
jp and i both looked at each other at the same
time wondering if that was going to be the
magic number the doctor was looking for. as he
entered the room we were nervous and then
he says "i'm so proud of her...she gained
12 oz. in 11 days! HOORAY...our baby
girl is growing perfectly. Happy 1 month
birth-day....we love you so much!

These pictures were taken within 5 minutes of
each other....sound asleep just after a bath
(hence the furry hair).
Come on mom....stop flashing that camera
in my face!
Seriously, i can't take it anymore!

Now I have a question.....could you PLEASE
stop taking pictures of me sleeping??????

Morgan and Mackenzie laying on
the blanket all 8 grandkids grew up sleeping
and playing on at Mimi and Papa's house....
so sentimental!

Just a swingin, listening to Bethoven,

and lovin on her paci!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary Baby!!!

So 3 years ago today, we were getting ready for our wedding!
Wow, where did 3 years go??? In that time we have moved out
of a house, moved into an apartment in Fort Worth, left the apt
and moved in with mom and dad, built a house, started new
jobs in Houston, moved into our
Spring house, and had a beautiful baby GIRL!! I have loved
every second of being married to you and I hope you
know how much I LOVE YOU! Thank you for everything
you do for me and I can't wait for the next 50 years and more!
Winking and smiling for Daddy.....

sleeping and happy.....

......and definitely not happy about it!

Morgan came to visit yesterday and
we told Morgan to give Mackenzie kisses....
instead she tried to take a bite!! Such
sweet kissin cousins :)
Look at this sweet could you resist
the kisses!?!?
She sleeps the best when she is in
her carseat, but she still doesn't fit.
We have only been to Target (we
stayed in the car while JP ran
in to get more diapers) and the
doc in the carseat, so no worries!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Doctor Update.....

so we went to the doctor yesterday for our 2nd appointment
to check little Mac's weight. when we left the hospital she weighed
5lbs. 3 oz and they were worried about her gaining her birth
weight back. nursing is going well, but not knowing
how much she is getting at each feeding it was
great news when the doc told us she weighed 5lbs. 8 oz!!!
Hooray, our little girl is growing well :)
We tried to take a cute picture but Mackenzie
wouldn't shut it down to fall typical!
Thanks to cousin Jenny for sending me all of this Tennesse gear
to play dress daddy couldn't be more proud :)

I wasn't happy without my paci....
Ashley and Morgan came to vistit...
Morgan was captivated by

my favorite sleep a frog......
bright eyes....
and you can't start praying too early!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mackenzie's Firsts....

This is the 3rd day at home with our new bundle of joy! Needless to say we have LOVED every minute of our baby girl. Now I know where the quote "I don't have time!" comes from b/c it seems as though my life is on hold....pumping, changing diapers, washing pumping supplies, and most importantly trying to sleep :) we can not complain at all because Mackenzie is a great sleeper and only cries if she is hungry or wet! jp said today.....are all babies this easy?!?! we couldn't be more proud of Mackenzie Ryan!!!!
1st Boppy time...she didn't love this :(

1st bath...all wrapped up

1st diaper change at home....look at Bella watching
every move daddy makes:)
On our way to her 1st doc appointment

1st stroller ride around the "hood"

1st thumb suck.....she is soooo smart!!!

1st time in her crib...oh how small she is?!?!

1st time in her bassinet