Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow in Houston, Texas!!!

Mackenzie was soooo happy about the snow!

Sitting in the front yard with her tongue out
trying to catch a snowflake :)

She was so happy to be hanging out in the snow!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I know....I's been awhile!

It has been way too long since I have blogged b/c
it is so hard to manage facebook, blogging, and
just being a mom!! My favorite saying is, "I'm
only 1 woman!" so enjoy the latest pictures of
our beautiful baby girl!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch and Porch

Our little 'pumpkin'
Our first family photo since Mackenzie
was in the hospital!

So tiny....

Jessica, Jackson, Me, Mackenzie, Ashley and Morgan

This is our front porch all decorated and I
thought it would make for a cute pic but it was
really hard to keep her upright.
So sad about hanging out with the pumpkins.
Look really close in the's Bella!
She has to know where Mackenzie is at
ALL times!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My friend, Jennifer Woolley, came over last week for
a lunch date with Mackenzie and I. I asked her to
bring her camera because Mackenzie is growing
so fast and there were some things I wanted
to get her captured in before she can't wear
them anymore......(there are LOTS more
I just had to reel myself in...ha...ha)!!!! Here
are just a few of many awesome shots she took
of our precious little angel!

So sweet!!!
Mommy kissing me while
I laugh!
Look at these lashes!!!!
I started singing the itsy bitsy spider to her
to see if she would smile and here are all of her
happy faces.....just getting started....
wanting to sing with me..... and cracking up! I'm glad my singing is soooo
funny :)

Very serious face!

Is this the prettiest dress???
I couldn't resist this one!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monthly pic, Jenny visits, and Game day

Man how time flies! I haven't posted in a while
because it is hard to find a minute (or an hour) to
get anything done! I really want to start
Mackenzie's scrapbook so I want to take
monthly pictures of her growing! This one was
tough because she didn't want to cooperate!
She has started smiling now and is such a happy
baby but she didn't want any part of this!
Little mac just wouldn't smile for the camera!
and she was much happier with her paci!

I told Jp the other day that I don't have any
pics with my baby girl, so he finally captured a
sweet moment with us together!
I guess jealousy set in.....because he said let me
have her and take one of us! It is true what they
say...."Daddy's little girl"
Jenny, Jp's cousin, came to Houston for work
and was the first Chandler to meet the new
family member. Thanks Jenny for all of
your help while you were here and Mackenzie
loved meeting you....and spitting up on you!

Our first time "out" without our baby girl....
we had a great time at the Texans game
but couldn't wait to get
home to love on Mackenzie :)
We met up with my friends Leslie and Eddie
before the game! Why didn't someone tell
me to wear red?!?!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mackenzie and Bella's play date!!!

its been lots of fun watching Bella adjust since bringing
Mackenzie home from the hospital. she always
is on the lookout for little mac, pacing her bassinet,
watching us change her diaper, going on walks next
to her stroller, but this morning she really took
the cake and got involved!!!!! in the mornings i am working
on a schedule keeping mac awake and bella
has been helping. so it started like the pic
above...far away....and then...
she rested her head thinking how can she can get over there....

getting a lot closer.....

and PLOP...she made it!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mac's Photo Shoot

I am so blessed that I have such talented friends in my
life to take Mackenzie's pictures! Rachel Honeyman
came over on Tuesday to hang out and take newborn
pictures so I crossed my fingers that
little Mac would cooperate! Guess what.....
she did PERFECT! These pictures are the
result of a fabulous photographer and one
awesome baby girl! Thanks Rachel for taking
such amazing pics....I only put a few on here
because I truly love every one of them and
there are 140ish. Enjoy!!
Sweet sleeping baby girl....

Is this the most gorgeous pic or what!?!?

Finally a picture with her eyes open....

Rachel told me she has a "perfect" ear and
I have to agree :)

Tiny hands for a tiny picture
(I don't know why this pic won't
blow up)
I love this picture too!

She was going to town on her thumb for about
10 minutes....I even changed her bow 4 times!


This is Mac's sleepy face....I stole her paci
in hopes to get that "money shot" and it WORKED!

Jp loves this pic b/c our wedding photo made it in...
thanks Rachel for being so creative!

Beautiful back and.....

look at all that hair!

We love you Mackenzie!